Boyd Christmas 2003

This was the best Christmas, we had the whole family here and it was wonderful!!! Here are a few pictures of our time together. George, Michele and Maddie are now back safe in Florida and Frank, Carrie, Bodie and Dustin are still living with us till they find a place, hopefully not to soon, I love having the kids with us.

The Boyd Family

The Thomas Family



Christmas Eve

Maddie's present from the Bodie & Dustin

Dustin's present from
Gams and Grandpa

What's in this one!

Bodie's gift from

Just being silly
Christmas Morning

Waiting to see
if Santa left anything

Michele Waiting

Can we open them?
Which ones are mine!?

Are there more?

The Big kids

Christmas in Crumpton

Mom opening presents

Dusin and Pop Pop H

The Jimmys

Brother Sam

The Sisters

One of my best presents
The Hurlock Family

The Five Children

The Five Children

The Five Children

The Five Children and Mom and Dad

The Five Children and Mom and Dad