Jimmy and Brady's trip to Virginia (4th of July week) 2001


- July 1st

Drove to Virginia from Maryland.

Our Week!!

The boys are spending alot of time on their scooters, checking out the neighborhood. Just a few scrapes and hurties!!


.....Minature golf...it was a really hard course, I don't think we really had a winner. Then went to Dairy Queen for Ice Cream.


.....6 Flags America with Carrie and her family

Bought some fireworks to set off after we go to watch the real ones!

Had a great time...wasn't as warm as we would of liked but the water was still fun and the rides great....

Had a special surprise, one of the neighbors called the fire company, his alarm went off, and Jimmy got to see the "Tower Power" and Chief truck. Pictures later!


....This morning we went to Fairfax County to see Firetrucks and a Firemen's Competition, Jimmy loved that and then Fireworks (got rained out to watch but did get to light some)

More Firetrucks from the Parade



Saturday....finally we took them home...But they were good and we enjoyed having them