Bodie and Dustin's Visit to Virginia...with MOM

June 29-July 12 2002

Visit with Baby Carlee
Carlee Dustin/Carlee Hug
Carlee and Dustin Carrie, Vicki and Carlee
NEW ONES from the 4th of July
Mommy and Dustin The Whole Family
Mommy, Bodie and Cousins
Bodie and her cousin Jessica Jessica and her Mom
Dustin, the geese, and Roc
On the patio On the patio...Dustin
Our patio...the Two Bodie picking up the skateboard
Skateboard boy The correct way to pickup a skateboard
Another way to use the skateboard...Dustin Happy boy
Dustin..close up Dustin Wet...after running through the sprinklers
Mom Mom and Dustin The Two Garden figures...Turtle and Manatee
Manatee...Bodie's Bodie with her Manatee (for the garden)
The skate boy and sister with Manatee Bodie with her Manatee (for the garden) - another pose