Vicki and Tim's Wedding - July 16, 2005

The Wedding Party

Wedding PowerPoint (Save to desktop and click to open)
Officiant - Rev. Jim Burch
Maid of Honor - Chloe Piercy
Daughter of the Bride
Best Man - Rich Caruso
Stepfather of the Groom
Debbie Bridges - Sister of the Bride
Pattye Roubo - Sister of the Bride
Carrie Thomas - Friend of the Couple

Flower Girls
Carrlee Benjamin
Courtney Benjamin
Daughters of the Bride and Groom

Robert Hoffman - Friend of the Couple

Ring Bearer
River Piercy - Son of the Bride

Scott Bridges
Jimmy Bridges
Christopher Roubo
Austin Roubo

Bride's Parents
Jim and Debbie Carr
Groom's Parents
Rich & Donna Caruso
Readings by
Brandon Bridges
George Braun
Frank Surface
Fan Programs & Well Wishes
Emily Carr

Special Thanks to Emily Carr for her help with the Flower Girls and our friends and family for sharing in our special day